Donating to the Zentroid SMD Naming Convention

First of all, although I have had good resources and chances to see many SMD packages, I have not seen them all. As new packages or older seldom seen packages are brought to my attention I will add them to Zentroid. If you have packages not described on these pages please send a picture with the important measurements to me and I will try to promptly include them in the Zentroid SMD Naming Convention.

If you have other wishes as to how Zentroid can help your SMT Buisness let me know what your particular areas of interest are. A couple of future possibilities are a Component Naming Convention and some basic printed circuit board layout tips. For the next several months work will start on a finished version of the Zentroid software itself. I hope to create the world's best centroid data converter, Zentroid.

If you have found the information I have presented useful and this online resource valuable you can drop me a mail or even use the "Donate" button below to show your appreciation. Creating the Zentroid SMD Naming Convention has been an interesting endeavor taking somewhat more of my time than planned. I hope that Zentroid and the Zentroid SMD Naming Convention become well recognized in the future of SMT.


Kevin Tough