SMD Resistor Packages

Pic of Component 0805x05rc2012x05
Resistor Chip 2.0mm Long, 1.2mm Wide, 0.5mm High
I grew up using the imperial system of measurement. When framing a house I might still prefer that system but the time has long come in the electronics industry to complete the switch to metric units. With today's chip sizes I find metric units better suited to usage in a SMD naming convention.
Pic of Component rm11570x25rm11570x25
Resistor Molded 11.5mm Long, 7.0mm Wide, 2.5mm High
The length of the resistor is the length you would measure with a caliper across the pins. We use this because it is the most significant measurement for machines handling and testing this component. It is also the quickest and easiest measurement for an operator to make.
Pic of Component rf5923rf5923
Resistor Melf 5.9mm Long, 2.3mm Wide, 2.3mm High
The height and width are the same so this measurement is given only once.
Pic of Component racve4_50p10x05racve4_50p10x05
Resistor Array Chip Concave Even with 4 elements, 0.5mm Pitch, 1.0mm Width, 0.5mm High
The outside of the pin face is concave. The notch can be round or as in this case somewhat square. The zero degree orientation is given by the orientation of the chips individual elements. All components described here are shown in zero degree orientation.
If not obvious the array is formed by having 4 separate chip like devices within the same package. The blue outline shows one of the four units of this array.
Pic of Component racxe4_50p10x05racxe4_50p10x05
Resistor Array Chip Convex Even with 4 elements, 0.5mm Pitch, 1.0mm Width, 0.5mm High
The description convex refers to a pin face that is flat and that the pin protrudes from the body of the array.
Pic of Component racx4_50p10x05racx4_50p10x05
Resistor Array Chip Convex with 4 elements, 0.5mm Pitch, 1.0mm Width, 0.5mm High
This is another convex type but in this case the pin widths are different for the outside and inside pins.
Pic of Component racfe4_50p10x05racfe4_50p10x05
Resistor Array Chip Flat Even with 4 elements, 0.5mm Pitch, 1.0mm Width, 0.5mm High
The body of this array type extends to be flush with the pin width. The pin surfaces are flat. The Zentroid name for this component is racfe4_50p10x05'4701 which is just simply the package with the resistive value of 4.7kΩ.