BGA Packages

Pic of bga100c65p10c80x14uab100c65p10c80x14
"Microchip" Array with Ball pins, 100 pins, collapsing type, 0.65mm Pitch, 10 Pin Columns, 8.0mm Package Width, 1.4mm High
Old Zen: bga100c65p10c80x14
Ball Grid Array with 100 pins, collapsing type,...
There are a great number of ways to name a "BGA" package. The Zentroid SMD Naming Convention tries to maintain accuracy while giving the name a usable length. I was not able to quickly find a datasheet for this package so the measurements and drawing are not actual.
Zentroid uses the total pin count, type of ball, horizontal pitch, number of columns that are included in the uniform grid, the horizontal outside package measure and the height of the package. This gives a very accurate package definition.
Use n to refer to non-collapsing balls, dp refers to dual pitch or different vertical and horizontal pitches, x at the end of the name refers to the fact that one or more pins exist outside of the standard grid and/or one or more pins are a different size.
Pic of uab2c93p2c16x06uab2c93p2c16x06
"Microchip" Array with Ball pins, 2 pins, collapsing type, 0.93mm Pitch, 2 Pin Columns, 1.6mm Package Width, 0.6mm High
Old Zen: bga2c93p2c16x06
Ball Grid Array with 2 pins, collapsing type, 0.93mm Pitch,...
Maxim produces this small memory device and uses the generic name of Flip Chip for the package and a code of BF211-2 for the package.
Although the base of the pins are rectangular the pin's upper form is rather rounded so Zentroid still uses the Ball pin type. Polarity is indicated by the engraved less than symbol.