SMD Coil Packages

Pic of lc3216x16lc3216x16
Coil Chip 3.2mm Long, 1.6mm Wide, 1.6mm High
The letter c is taken for capacitors so for a coil or primarily inductively used component Zentroid uses a starting letter of L.
Pic of lm3225x20lm3225x20
Coil Molded 3.2mm Long, 2.5mm Wide, 2.0mm High
If there is a polarity mark then it should be left and upper when possible. The pins for all two pin packages will be on the left and right sides.
The pin type is considered "Leadless" and the default for a molded coil. The pin is relatively hard to see from directly above and it does not protrude from the package body.
Pic of lmj4_254p90x50lmj4_254p90x50
Coil Molded J-Leg with 4 pins, 2.54mm Pitch, 9.0mm Pin over Pin, 5.0mm High
Many coils have leadless pins. If the coil has some other type of pin the Zentroid SMD Naming Convention then adds a letter describing the pin type. "j" for J-Leg, "g" for gull-wing, "f" for flat.