SMD Oscillator Packages

Pic of omv6_254p31x14bomv6_254p31x14b
Oscillator, molded with 6 Concave pins, 2.54mm Pitch, 3.1mm Pin over Pin, 1.4mm High, Bright
Bright in this case because of the metal top. I like to differentiate the metal tops used on oscillator packages. AOI testing may be quite different than the testing done on a plastic package.
Pic of oml4_508p52x40oml4_508p52x40
Oscillator, molded with 4 Leadless pins, 5.08mm Pitch, 5.2mm Pin over Pin, 4.0mm High
I would have liked to have more than this picture of this package. I have indicated a Leadless pin but it may border on a J-Leg.
With the Zentroid SMD Naming Convention a good portion of aflat pin will be seen from a top view. A leadless pin will show at most a small edge of the pin and not protrude much outside of the package body. A J-Leg will protrude from the side, bottom or both. In this case I cannot see the underside of this package so I will just assume the pin type to be leadless.
Pic of omj4_508p56x50omj4_508p56x50
Oscillator, molded with 4 J-Leg pins, 5.08mm Pitch, 5.0mm High
Polarity marks on oscillator packages can be confusing. Referring to the appropriate data sheet is always advised in such cases. Some markings may only be visible from the bottom side as well.