Other SMD Packages

Pic of fcv2314x06fcv2314x06
Fuse Chip Concave, 2.3mm Long, 1.4mm Wide, 0.6mm High
The Zentroid SMD Naming Convention reserves the letter f to start the name of any fuse package. Following the leter f the name is made as other Zentroid packages.
Led Chipec3512x03u
Led Chip, 3.5mm Long, 1.2mm Wide, 0.3mm High
This rather interesting chip is a led that emits it's light through the printed circuit board. The back side of the Pcb remains unobstructed which suits several applications. The Zentroid package name ends in the letter u for upside-down. Due to the uniqueness of this component the Zentroid name for it would be ava'hsmg-c265 which simply means a component from the company Avago with the part name HSMG-C265.