SMD Lot Packages - Large Outline Transistors

Pic of lot3_457p100x23utg4_457p100x23x
"Microchip", T-Form pin group with 3 Gull-wing pins, 4.57 Pitch, 10.0mm Pin over Pin, 2.3mm High, 1 pin missing
Old Zen: lot3_457p100x23
Large Outline Transistor with 3 pins...
The Zentroid "T-form" pin group defines traditional transistor/diode packages. The form has one pin group on the left and a single pin centered vertically on the right. Zentroid names use an x suffix for each missing pin. If there are two or more measurable pitch values at the plane of the pin ends then the pitch should be indicated as up (uneven pitch). Other naming conventions can be inaccurate in the cases of missing pins from the packages pin group.
Why the old definition LOTs?This was an early attempt to separate soldering characteristics of large and small SOTs. It was then only natural that the partner to SOTs would be LOTs. Zentroid's new method is to define normal g-leg pins and solder type pins. Open the Sot tab to check out the definitions with solder pins.
Pic of lot5_127up100x23utg6_127up100x23x
"Microchip" T-Form pin group with 5 Gull-wing pins, 1.27mm Uneven Pitch, 10.0mm Pin over Pin, 2.3mm High, 1 pin missing
Old Zen: lot5_127up100x23
Large Outline Transistor with 5 pins, 1.27mm Uneven Pitch,...
The removal of center pins for this package type makes for confusion of pin counts. Zentroid names use the number of pins that are visible exiting the package, short or not. If the pin will not be soldered then it is considered missing and therefore an x suffix. The pitch is given as the smallest pitch measured but indicated by up for Uneven Pitch in the case of missing pins within the pin group.
Pic of lot4_230p70x17utg4_230p70x17
"Microchip" T-Form pin group with 4 Gull-wing pins, 2.30mm Pitch, 7.0mm Pin over Pin, 1.7mm High
Old Zen: lot4_230p70x17
Large Outline Transistor with 4 pins...
The Zentroid SMD Naming Convention uses the suffix letter h to indicate Heat Sink or Thermal Pad. In the case of lot packages if you need to indicate the existence or non-existence of Heat Sinks use the suffixes h or nh "no Heat Sink" respectively to indicate this.