SMD Connector Packages

Pic of xdf14_254p112x80xdf14_254p112x80
Connector, Dual row, with 14 flat pins, 2.54mm Pitch, 11.2mm Pin over Pin, 0.8mm High
The Zentroid SMD Naming Convention includes SMD connectors. Let's set the matter of polarity. The largest number of pins to the left first. Pin 1, left and upper. Polarity marking also left and upper. Sometimes difficult to decide but try for the best comprimise.
Pic of xdf10_254sp70x60xdf10_254sp70x60
Connector, Dual row, with 10 flat pins, 2.54 Staggered Pitch, 7.0mm Pin over Pin, 6.0mm High
For such a connector the pitch for left and right pin groups is shifted 25% in opposing directions giving the contacts a uniform spacing. This is a "staggered pitch".
The Zentroid convention for naming a connector as male or female uses the names plug or receptacle respectively. That makes it possible with the complete name to use the suffix letters p and r to represent this difference, should you wish to. The outermost form of the receptacle will receive the plugs form inside. It saves confusion to not think of the individual pins and their form but the outermost parts of the connectors. Retaining clips are not taken into the consideration of a connector being a plug or receptacle.
Pic of xsf2_200p87x70smxsf2_200p87x70sm
Connector, Single row, with 2 flat pins, 2.00 Pitch, 8.7mm Pin over Pin, 7.0mm High, sideways, with mount pins
A connector with a single pin row is designated by the xs entry in the name. The connection to this connector is made from the side so the suffix letter s is used which indicates sideways. The suffix letter m indicates that this connector has mounting pins as well.
4 Pin Connectorxsf4_200p87x55sm
Connector, Single row, with 4 flat pins, 2.00 Pitch, 8.7mm Pin over Pin, 5.5mm High, sideways, with mount pins
This slightly larger version of the above package can be named in different ways. The package name is definitive enough alone to be used in most cases as the component's name. Another possibility is to use the manufacturers name and their part name S4B-PH-SM4-TB(LF)(SN). If you have read my page on "Problem letters and Symbols in CAD data then you will be able to follow why another Zentroid name for this component is jst's4b-ph-sm4-tb_lf_sn.