SMD Sot Packages

Pic of sot3_190p23x10uts3_190p23x10
"Microchip" T-Form with 3 solder pins, 1.90 Pitch, 2.3mm Pin over Pin, 1.0mm High
Old Zen: sot3_190p23x10
Small Outline Transistor with 3 pins, ...
The Pin Group Form here is t meaning Transistor. This form has 2 or more pins in the left group and one single pin on the right. The pin type is s which refers to a pin whose end is normally covered in solder.
The Zentroid Naming Convention classifies packages to it's Sot group that have solder joints that are often completely covering the pin end. If you should chose to use the new Zentroid names the pin types of traditional SOT packages are indicated with an s.
Pic of sot4_170up23x08uds4_170up23x08
"Microchip" Dual with 4 solder pins, 1.70 Uneven Pitch, 2.4mm Pin over Pin, 0.8mm High
Old Zen: sot4_170up23x08
Small Outline Transistor with 4 pins, 1.70mm Uneven Pitch, ...
The pitch of the left and right sides are not the same.
Should one or more pins be missing from the standard pitch value up will also indicate such a possibility. The next package is an example of this.
With this naming convention the largest pin group is placed left for zero degree orientation. With this package the single wide pin determines the largest pin group.
Just in case you are wondering what happens to sot89, that package normally has definable pin ends and becomes a lot4_....
Pic of sot5_65up20x10uds5_65up20x18
"Microchip" Dual with 5 solder pins, 0.65mm Uneven Pitch, 2.0mm Pin over Pin, 1.0mm High
Old Zen: sot5_65up20x10
Small Outline Transistor with 5 pins, 6.5mm Uneven Pitch, ...
If the package is a little larger, the pin size to pad size ratio increases, less solder paste is applied, etc. these sot packages may start to show their pin ends. Should reliable pin end analysis with AOI machines be possible the Zentroid Naming Convention would consider these packages to become sop or udg packages. In this case then a sop5_65p20x10 or udg5_65up20x10.
Pic of sot6_95p30x08uds6_95p30x08
"Microchip" Dual with 6 Solder pins, 0.95mm Pitch, 3.0mm Pin over Pin, 0.8mm High
Old Zen: sot6_95p30x08
Small Outline Transistor with 6 pins...
The polarity marking of this sot package is perhaps confusing. The data sheet for this component should be checked for pin 1. Pin 1 should be in the upper left. When this should not be the case then at least left.
Use of the traditional "Sot363" named package for similar but different sized packages happens often in the electronics industry. A naming convention using the geometrical measurements helps greatly to avoid confusion.