SMD Switch Packages

Pic of ssf2_400p75x65sssf2_400p75x65s
Switch, single row of 2 flat pins, 4.00mm Pitch, 5.0mm Pin over body, 6.5mm High, Sideways
The name should be self explanatory other than perhaps the suffix s. This is the suffix letter the Zentroid SMD Naming Convention reserves for a package whose function or use is from the side.
For the width measurement of a package the Zentroid Convention uses the overall measurement or the easiest measurement to make with a vernier caliper (Schieblehre).
Pic of sdd16_254p95x45sdd16_254p95x45
Switch, Dual row, 16 Dil pins, 2.54mm Pitch, 9.5mm Pin over Pin, 4.5mm High
The pin shape used on this package is commonly called DIL. These pins are originally from Dual-Inline Packages, packages whose pins are inserted through the printed circuit board. For usage with surface mounted devices the pins are bent and cut off to facilitate soldering onto pads.
Pic of sdg4_780p140x96.jpgsdg4_780p140x96
Switch, Dual row, 4 Gull-wing pins, 7.80 Pitch, 14.0mm Pin over Pin, 9.6mm High
The name of this push button switch should be easy to understand. Height measurements are taken as the overall height.